Edwina Lim

Edwina Lim | Sr. Product Manager

Edwina Lim joined the Nanosonics team in 2019, bringing with her the expertise of several years of product management at another medical device organization. “I could see the huge growth opportunities Nanosonics offered on the global front, already establishing itself as a market leader and scaling up quickly! Little did I know how much of a diehard infection preventionist I would become in the process!”

As the Senior Product Manager for the trophon® franchise, “a day-in-the-life involves ensuring we are working on and prioritizing the most critical projects and initiatives to support the franchise’s success - today and in the future. It’s a diverse role that includes everything from developing promotional campaigns that grow sales opportunities, to supporting manufacturing and production that enhances and maintains product quality.” Edwina is also responsible for strategizing the future of the portfolio and considering which problems to solve next.

Elevating the Brand

Once clinicians understand the need for high level disinfection (HLD), the trophon device is a natural solution to meet their requirements, and is now trusted by more than 5,000 healthcare facilities in North America. “The product has had an incredible global impact! The technology is revolutionary – but what really makes a difference is the lives that are impacted. I’m so proud of evolving the trophon brand in every dimension to reflect this impact. We effectively relaunched the trophon2 brand under the revised tagline, Protection by Design. The trophon device offers protection in so many ways - including patient, clinician, healthcare institutions, and the environment. We have elevated our brand philosophy beyond technology; not only in our external messaging, but also in our internal mindset and attitude towards the trophon name and what it stands for.”

The People and Unfinished Work that Keep Her Here

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most excellent minds, driven to tackle global infection prevention problems.  We’ve reinvented the standard of care reprocessing models. The other thing that has kept me motivated at Nanosonics each and every day, is the ‘unfinished business.’ We’re only getting started!”

The trophon® family includes trophon® EPR and trophon®2, which share the same core technology of ‘sonically activated’ hydrogen peroxide.

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