Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance Statement sets out Nanosonics’ key corporate governance principles and practices.

The Board of Directors of Nanosonics is committed to high standards of corporate governance. The Board regularly reviews the policies and practices applied by the Group to ensure they meet the interests of shareholders and other key stakeholders, both for the present and as the Group grows in operational complexity.

Nanosonics believes it complies with the ASX Listing Rules and the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Recommendations). Each year Nanosonics describes its corporate governance framework and its adherence to the Recommendations in its Corporate Governance Statement. Additionally, the Board and management are committed to continuing to review the Company’s corporate governance practices in response to changes in market conditions or recognised best practices.

Nanosonics Board and Committees

The Nanosonics Board had adopted a Board Charter which sets out its roles and responsibilities.

The Board has established a number of Committees which play an important role in the Company’s corporate governance activities. Each Committee has its own Charter defining its purpose and responsibilities:

Board and Committee Charters

Corporate Governance Policies

Nanosonics has developed the following corporate governance policies to guide the Company’s business practices: