View our list of terminology that frequently appears in Nanosonics reports and presentations.

The Glossary contains a list of terminology that frequently appears in Nanosonics reports and presentations.

Term Definition
510(k) Premarket Notification to the FDA, under Section 510(k) of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, of intent to market a medical device in the USA
AGM Annual General Meeting
ANZ Australia and New Zealand
APES Standards issued by the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board (APESB)
ASUM Australian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine
ASX Australian Securities Exchange Limited
CDC Centre for Disease Control (USA)
Clostridium difficile A bacterium, the most common cause of infectious diarrhea in hospitals and long-term care homes
CMDCAS Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System
DESP Deferred Employee Share Plan
EESP Exempt Employee Share Plan
EN15883 A Standard, also known as HTM2030, for the testing of Washer Disinfectors for surgical instruments, including endoscopes, to ensure they are operating correctly.
EPS Earnings Per Share
ESOP Employee Share Option Plan
FDA Food and Drug Administration – USA
Financial Year Year to 30 June
Fiscal Year Year to 30 June
FY Financial year, eg. FY2011 is the financial year ending 30 June 2011
Glutaraldehyde Used to disinfect medical and dental equipment. It is toxic and can cause severe eye, nose, throat and lung irritation, along with headaches, drowsiness and dizziness. It is a main source of occupational asthma among health care providers (source Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety- February 2005) .
Golden Staph Staphylococcus aureus, or S. aureus - a common bacterium that can cause a range of mild to severe infections, even death. Some strains are resistant to antibiotics.
Group Nanosonics Limited and its wholly owned subsidiary companies
GSOP General Share Option Plan
GST Goods and Services Tax
HIA Healthcare Acquired Infection
HLD High Level Disinfection - the minimum treatment recommended for reprocessing a device or item of equipment for use in a semi critical site, if it cannot be sterilised.  It involves killing all microorganisms, with the exception of high numbers of bacterial spores.
HLD+ High Level Disinfection Plus, including sporicidal efficacy - Nanosonics new dimension of disinfection based on the Company’s platform technologies
IASB International Accounting Standards Board
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IP Intellectual Property
ISO 13485 Quality Management System for Medical Devices – Requirements for Regulatory Purposes
IVF In-vitro fertilisation
KMP Key Management Personnel (excludes non-Executive Directors)
LTI Long Term Incentive
MRSA Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium resistant to broad-spectrum antibiotics
NanoNebulant® The biocide used in Nanosonics’ technological process
O&G Obstetrics & Gynecology
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer. In the context of Nanosonics, OEMs are typically the manufacturers of ultrasound consoles and probes.
PCT Patent Co-operation Treaty
Q1, 2, 3, or 4 3-monthly periods beginning 1 July, 1 October, 1 January and 1 April respectively
R&D Research and Development
Reporting period Year to 30 June
RoHS compliant Restriction of Hazardous Substances
S+ Sterilisation Plus, including prionicidal efficacy - Nanosonics new dimension of sterilisation based on the Company’s platform technologies
Sonex-HL The biocide used in Nanosonics’ technological process
STI Short Term Incentive
TEC Total Employment Cost
TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration – Australia
trophon® The brand representing Nanosonics’ range of infection control solutions designed specifically for healthcare settings
trophon® EPR The brand of Nanosonics’ device specifically designed to disinfect intracavity and surface ultrasound probes.