trophon®2 Service Access

trophon2 device service setup

To set up for trophon2 service and repair, you will require the following components installed or copied on your service computer:

  • The Service & Manufacturing Certificate (the S&M Certificate)
  • The Service & Manufacturing Software (the S&M Software)
  • The trophon2 device software image

The S&M certificate will enable your S&M software functions and allow access to connect to the trophon2 devices.

Follow the instructions below to install the S&M certificate, register at Nanosonics Service Portal, and download the software and documentation.

Note: Only trained and authorised users will be approved for access.

Ensure the service computer has Internet access and that emails from the following domains are not blocked. 


Follow TSB0039 Apply and Install the S&M Certificate for detailed instructions. 


  • Please allow up to 3 business days for approval to be granted
  • The installation link will expire 30 days after approval

After the certificate application is approved, an account will be created for you in the Nanosonics Service Portal. A separate email will be sent to you to complete the registration. Follow TSB0033 Access to the Service Portal to download software and upload device logs for detailed instructions. 


During registration, ensure you use the same email address you used to apply for the certificate

Once the registration is completed, visit the Nanosonics Service Portal to log in. Follow TSB0033 Access to the Service Portal to download software and upload device logs to download the S&M Software installer, the trophon2 device software image, SWI0303 S&M Software Guide, and other service documents.

You will need an Ethernet cable of Cat5e grade or better to connect your service computer to the trophon2 device. You may also need a router to allow connection to a legacy trophon2 device or to service more than one trophon2 device at one time. For details, please refer to the latest Nanosonics Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and SWI0303 S&M Software Guide in the Nanosonics Service Portal.


For Service training and authorisation enquiries, contact your regional distributor or a Nanosonics representative.

For technical support on S&M certificate installation, renewal, and troubleshooting, see contacts below based on your T2 Service training provider and authenticator: