3. AuditPro Mobile Scanning Device Features and Functions

3.1 AuditPro Mobile Scanning Device Features


1 Power Indicator 12 Scan Engine
2 Scan Indicator 13 Camera
3 Display 14 Battery Cover Buckle Handle
4 Function Key 15 Cattery Cover
5 Home Key 16 String Buckle
6 Return Key 17 Speaker
7 Power Button 18 Battery Cover Safety Lock
8 Scan Button 19 Battery Cover Safety Button
9 Volume Up 20 RFID Reading Area
10 Volume Down 21 Charging Contact
11 Scan Button 22 USB Cover


3.2 AuditPro Mobile Scanning Device Power button

To turn on:

1.   Press and hold the Power button for approximately 3 seconds

To turn off:

1.   Press and hold the Power button until the options menu appears.
2.   Touch Power Off.


3.3 Scan button/ engine

Press and hold left or right Scan button and point the scan engine to the barcode.


3.4 Front Camera

When logging a procedure using the Scan Text Method, the front camera will be enabled to capture the text for reading.


3.5 Probe Tag and trophon2 Operator Card (RFID) Reader

Press and hold probe tag or trophon2 Operator Card against the reader area.


3.6 Home Key

Press the home key button to navigate to the device home screen.


3.7 Access PIN

The screen is locked after powering on the device and after 2 min of inactive user activity.

Default PIN
Use the default PIN 1234 to unlock the screen. It is recommended to change it during the 1st use.

Change PIN
Navigate to the Device home screen>Settings>Screen Lock> Re-enter your PIN >PIN>Enter new PIN>Re-enter the new PIN>OK

Forgot PIN
Contact NAN to reset.

Warning. The mobile scanning device must be networked at reset, otherwise any unsynced procedures will be deleted.


3.8 Clean device

Use trophon2 Companion Cleaning Wipes to clean all accessible surfaces (except the charging contacts) of the mobile scanning device as required, until visibly clean.

See the following link for additional approved cleaning solutions: https://sps.honeywell.com/us/en/support/blog/productivity/honeywell-disinfectant-ready-housing-cleaning-and-disinfecting-guide


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