7. AuditPro Cloud Application Basics

7.1 Login

If you are invited to AuditPro cloud application, a welcome email will be sent to your registered email address with the login link.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO feature enables users to log in to the AuditPro Cloud Application with one set of credentials. If your facility is set up for SSO login, please follow the log in screen instruction to provide your login credentials as set up by your IT department.

Nanosonics provides chargeable services on SSO integration setup, for further assistance please contact Nanosonics Customer Service at www.nanosonics.com/auditpro-customer-service-page.


Username and password

If your facility is not configured for Single Sign-On (SSO) login, please enter your email address and the temporary password provided in the invitation email. During your first login, you will be prompted to change the password to ensure security.

Additionally, during the login process, you will be prompted to enter a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) verification code. This code will be sent to your registered email address and is valid for 24 hours. If the MFA code expires, a new code will be sent to you for your next login.


7.2 Login password

Only applicable to the non-SSO account.

Change password

Navigate to Settings → Change Password

Forgot password

From the login page, after entering email address and click Next → Forgot Password


7.3 Software updates

No action required. The Facility Admin and Department Admin will get a notification 72 hours ahead of the scheduled update.

During the update, the cloud app will not be accessible.


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